• Testimonials

  • Both my sons had their braces with Dr James, and both had, or are having successful results. Initially, I wanted no headgear, and Dr James was onboard with that. On further experience, I found Dr James to be supremely confident without a trace of obnoxious attitude. He is extremely knowledgeable, provides good communication, and office appointments are quick and easy--an important consideration if you are going to be seeing a Dr once a month for 5 years.

    Michael L.

  • Dr. James is a wonderful orthodontist. He offers straight-forward advice, is eager to answer patient questions, and provides excellent, thorough service. He doesn't recommend any extra, unnecessary tests or procedures that will hurt your wallet, which is a rare trait to have in this tough economy. He is honest, sincere, and throughout my 5 years of treatment under his care, I can tell that he genuinely values his patients as well as his work.

    I would highly recommend Dr. James to anyone seeking quality orthodontic work. I definitely have him to thank for my perfect smile :)

    Lizzie M.

  • My son is only near the beginning of his orthodontic treatment, but I have been very impressed with him so far. He is very easy to talk to and he is very thorough about giving us all the facts. He also does a really good job putting my son at ease, and amuses us with the models and pictures of my son's teeth, which are in obvious need of straightening. He just overall seems like a good guy and was very kind to support my son's school by donating toward the playground equipment. Also, I like that he does a good job sticking to the appointment time, which is very important since I'm coming in with my son twice a month.

    I would recommend Dr. Kendall to all my friends whose kids need braces.

    Elaine Y.